David Nevins continua a provarci

David Nevins continua a provarci

Devid Nevins rilascia un’intervista al magazine Adweeks che lascia ben sperare. Il CEO di Showtime afferma che la decisione di David Lynch di abbandonare lo show potrebbe non essere definitiva. Ecco un estratto dell’articolo originale.

Nevins talked about forthcoming moves—including the launch of a streaming service—as well as his efforts to salvage Showtime’s much-anticipated revival of Twin Peaks, which was thrown into disarray after David Lynch’s surprise April 5 announcement that he would not be directing the series as planned.

Where do things stand with Twin Peaks?
We’re in the middle of it. I can’t say too much.

It sounds like you’re still holding out hope that Lynch’s departure isn’t definitive.
It’s either a negotiation, or he’s had cold feet. But I am hopeful.

So at this point, you’re waiting to figure out what’s going on with David before you decide anything else about the future of Twin Peaks?




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